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Safaris can vary widely on costs, depending on where you go, what time of year and how many people are in your safari group.  For Kenya, the best safaris include a trip to the Maasai Mara Reserve - which is the northern extension of the Serengeti Ecosystem.  The most efficient way to reach the Maasai Mara is to take a short flight into the Mara - a quick search on Expedia will show you all the airlines that fly into the Mara.        

Below are the popular safaris.  Each safari vehicle can seat up to 6 people.  Our safaris can include commuter flights, vehicle rental, safari guide, lodging, meals and park fees.

Contact us with your travel dates for a quote.  Flights & lodging costs vary by travel dates.  Park fees for the Maasai Mara are generally paid at park entrance, in cash, at USD $70-$80 per person, per 24hrs, depending on whether you are staying inside or outside of the Maasai Mara Reserve.  Amboseli park fees are similar to the Maasai Mara, while other park fees may vary considerably.

There are multiple combinations of Safaris - which can also include the following:

NAIVASHA (1 night) + MAASAI MARA (4 nights)

AMBOSELI (3 nights) + MAASAI MARA (4 nights) 

Below are some basic guidelines to put your Safari together.

1.  Plan ahead at least 4-6 months, especially if you want to go during the peak summer migration season.  Prices for things like lodging can double or triple during the peak summer migration months.


2.  Costs can vary depending on how many people are in your safari group and whether you want to rent a private safari vehicle or share the safari vehicle with others that also happen to be on safari at the same time. 


Each safari vehicle has 6 guest seats, so the more folks you can get together for your safari, the lower the individual costs would be, but also weigh how flexible your traveling companions are.  You can also book a shared safari, where our goal is to fill up the 6 seats and lower the individual costs for everyone.  These would be more restricted to one of the popular safaris below, as most people pick a 5 or 7 day safari.


3.  If you book a Maasai Mara tour, it's easiest to take a 45 minute commuter flight to the Maasai from Nairobi rather than the 6hr drive between Nairobi to the Maasai Mara.  We can book these for you, but it's just as easy to book them online.  Here are the common charter flights (e.g. SafariLink or AirKenya) from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara.  Select Maasai Mara Keekorok airstrip when you are checking direct flights in the Maasai Mara.   

4.  Park fees are charged on a per person basis and also vary depending on whether you stay inside or outside the reserve or park.  This is the one area we recommend you spend a bit more on in order to stay overnight in a reserve or park, as you avoid potential long lines at the park entrances each day, which eats into your safari time.  If your party includes kids (less than 18years of age), park fees are generally reduced (kids under 3 years of age are free in some parks/reserves).  Park fees are subject to change, that's why many tour companies do not include park fees in their costs - we estimate them based on the most updated information we have.

Maasai Mara Reserve:

Amboseli Park Fees:

5.  Read reviews for lodgings and hotels and book them directly rather than through us.  We can definitely recommend several based on your budget, but each person's preference is truly unique, and we find that folks are most happy when they book their own lodging.  The lodgings with meals included are generally the best way to go, as a hearty meal is a necessity before embarking on a safari.  Opt for insurance for your hotels if it is offered from a reputable service provider, just in case for any reason you have a cancellation.  Read reviews for insurance packages and choose the ones most users recommend. 

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