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Due to Covid, safari crowds are at an all-time low.  Prices for lodges are the lowest we have ever seen.  Email us with your budget and I'm sure we can make it work for you.  Historically, the great Wildebeest Migration is extremely crowded, but you will be incredibly fortunate to experience it without the crowds.
Customize your safari adventure or pick from ones we recommend to you...
Either way, tell us where you plan to arrive, how many days you want your safari to be, who you are travelling with (adults versus children and their ages) and what you are hoping to see and do.  Generally, you will need at least 2-3 days of safari (depending on where you would like to go) and add any additional days for transiting between cities or locations.  Amboseli is near Nairobi and offers majestic views of Kilimanjaro when the sky is clear, but the Maasai Mara Reserve has the most abundant source of wildlife.  There are additional costs for charter flights, but can save you transit times.  For lodgings, we would generally make the recommendation to you on places and you would book directly with them for efficiency and your personal preferences.
For details on Terms & Conditions regarding bookings and cancellations.
Use the form below to provide details about your safari preferences, or email us directly.  If you email us, please include both Justus & Liz in your email and provide the details outlined in the form below so we can fully address your questions. 
Make sure you add Justus's phone number to your Whatsapp - as that's the easiest way to contact each other when you arrive in Kenya.  
Justus - Owner & Safari Guide | Kenya
+254 725 715981
Liz - Booking & Reservations |  San Francisco
+1 415 562 7644

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