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Covid Impact:  Kenya & the Maasai community depend heavily on safari tourism - but since Covid, international tourism has plummeted & the Maasai community are hurting deeply.  To help reduce dependency on tourism, we are bringing the beautiful Maasai arts & crafts online for you to discover & enjoy on our newly launched etsy site:
Every piece of Maasai craft & jewelry tells a story of status, history, wealth and place in life. The colors that have special meaning for Maasai are red, blue, green, orange, yellow, white and black.  Red is most worn & loved, because it is the color of blood that unites the people, while also symbolizing bravery, danger & strength.  The Maasai are also unique in their cultural philosophy - no hunting or consumption of animal wildlife and respect for the land and the nature that surrounds them.
Learn more about how the pandemic is devastating the Maasai community:  
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